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That's a Wrap!

Posted by Danielle on

Beginning in March, we will be offering vinyl car wraps. If you are not a car aficionado, a vinyl wrap is like a giant sticker put on a vehicle, except these stickers hug the vehicle's every contour, so it seems like the sticker has been painted on. Here's an example.

The vinyl wrap process is done in 3 stages: design, production, and installation.

This is where our graphic designers get the exact measurements of every part of the car where the vinyl will go, then design how it will look. Sometimes, people only want a decal on their tailgate, a window covered in an advertisement, vinyl lettering for their business, or racing rally stripes down the middle of their sports car. Other times, people want their car to have a new color or design from hood to trunk. 

This stage is when the design is printed on giant, sticky paper called vinyl. Each design for each little part of the vehicle is printed and laminated to add an extra layer of protection to the design. The life expectancy of vinyl is around 7-10 years with no damage to the original paint.

This is when we actually put the vinyl on the vehicle. The process needs controlled conditions, such as a certain air temperature, humidity, and even lack of dust. Any imperfection, like rust, chipped paint, or scratches could prohibit this installation. Wrapping a car takes about 1-3 days. We can also remove old designs to make room for the new vinyl graphics.

Vehicle wraps aren't all we can do with vinyl, though. If you want to decorate your nursery, waiting room, or business with lettering on the walls or windows, we do that. If you want to do vinyl instead of wallpaper (it's much more easy to remove), we do that, too. If you want your own whiteboard, we can do that, too. Even if you want to do decals for your man cave or wrap a refrigerator, we can do it. The possibilities are only as endless as your creativity.

Keep updated on our status here.

*None of the pictures shown are our work, but they are what we can do.

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