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Posted by Amanda on

Top 5 things NOT to do at an engraving shop:

#1: Tell us that something is misspelled when it’s not.

#2: Think it’s funny to watch our expressions when you tell us something is misspelled when it’s spelled correctly

#3: Carefully look over your item and make a sad sound and say, “oh, no…it’s misspelled,” but really be lying to see how we react 

#4: Say, “Oh, this word is misspelled” and then say, “JUST KIDDING!” and laugh while we melt to the floor.

#5: Look at us seriously and say, “You’ve misspelled this name,” wait while we look at the proof that was sent, and then say, “I’m just messin’ with you; everything is great! Thank you so much!”

We don’t mess around with misspelling here.It’s a serious topic and we give it the deference it deserves.

…I’m thinking of instituting a 75% upcharge to the order if spelling is joked about…