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Trophy Wife?

Posted by Amanda Grieve on

Thought of the day: If I work at a trophy shop and I’m a wife.Does that make me a trophy wife?


Have I mentioned we offer design services? If you have that perfect photo, but that darn piece of hair would stay where it was supposed to, then we can help you out! Or we can probably manage fine work like the meme below:But not like this one, we wouldn’t forget a shadow!

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Stickers. Stickers are the best. I love stickers. Did you know we can cut stickers? We have a vinyl plotter.

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Sublimation, It's Science

SUBLIMATION.Dye Sublimation to be exact and you’re about to experience more science.We print an image onto transfer paper, lay that on top of an item designed for sublimation and then press them together usually at 390 degrees for usually a minute. Time and Pressure.Maybe if it was more pressure, more heat and more time I could make a diamond…Anyway, [...]

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We also have a diamond-drag engraver. This is more of a traditional engraving where a diamond-tipped stylus pounds and drags into metal. Why use a diamond? Because a diamond is a 10!This means that we can take our stock aluminum (2-3 Mohs) or brass (3-4 Mohs) and as they will always engrave well since they’re softer than a diamond. Steel [...]

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A large part of the job at Awards of Excellence is running our engraving machines. For this post, I’d like to focus on our laser engraver. Yes, I get to vaporize materials with light energy.However, our laser isn’t as good as say, Dr. Evil’s sharks with lasers attached to their heads.We can’t cut metal with our laser engraver, [...]

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Rubber Ducky, You're the One!

It’s nice to work in a positive industry where people are being recognized for their hard work, achievements, or loyalty. I very much enjoy when someone comes in looking for something that will very specifically reflect the personality or achievements of a certain individual.I also enjoy it when there’s a bit of humor involved like when a gentleman came [...]

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I Forgot About My Deadline!

Having a physical shop in Dayton and not just having an online presence, we get a lot of last minute orders and while I truly love trying to save the day and make projects happen when we can, we do often institute a rush charge when the workload piles on. The good news: We only ask for a [...]

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Darwin Awards

Need a Darwin Award for someone? We can help with that.

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