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You There!

Posted by Amanda Grieve on

Rubber Ducky, You're the One!

It’s nice to work in a positive industry where people are being recognized for their hard work, achievements, or loyalty. I very much enjoy when someone comes in looking for something that will very specifically reflect the personality or achievements of a certain individual.I also enjoy it when there’s a bit of humor involved like when a gentleman came [...]

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I Forgot About My Deadline!

Having a physical shop in Dayton and not just having an online presence, we get a lot of last minute orders and while I truly love trying to save the day and make projects happen when we can, we do often institute a rush charge when the workload piles on. The good news: We only ask for a [...]

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Darwin Awards

Need a Darwin Award for someone? We can help with that.

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I certainly wouldn’t.I just copy them off the internet… =)

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I'm Not Crying, You're Crying

My favorite project to have worked on was a grandmother came in to commemorate her daughter’s graduation from high school. The family could trace their matriarchal lineage back to being slaves in the south, and each generation achieved a little more than the previous one, and the grandmother was particularly proud of the accomplishments of the granddaughter, so the plaque [...]

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You Tried!

Thinking about making some of these. Wonder if they’d sell……If they didn’t I could always take one home…

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Everything's a Trophy if You Paint it Gold.

Another time, we had a request for a golden potato award.I really should write down why my customers asked for the things they did, but I have no recollection on why a potato award was needed, except it wasn’t for a couch potato; it was for some type of achievement. Well, to your surprise, that’s not something we regularly offer [...]

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The Coveted Golden Plunger

We also had another customer who used to come in every year around the holidays.They would gather in the same house, and apparently that house had poor plumbing.The trophy was a gold spray-painted plunger that sat on a base and the first person to stop-up the toilet at Thanksgiving would have the honor of adding their name to the [...]

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Brass Lobsters and Other Oddities

A question I get from time to time is, “What is the weirdest thing you’ve engraved?” There have been a few things that stand out, but I think the one which is the most memorable is someone brought in a bronze lobster and wanted it mounted to a base, which in and of itself was unusual, but to further [...]

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